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Here at Arbuckle Publishing House, we are dedicated to helping other writers bring their passion for writing to life. We want to help you with every step of your writing journey and help you fulfill your dreams. Our goal is to not only publish your book but to get it in the hands of every reader, on all platforms, and build your fan base by producing more stories and projects together.

Faithless by Kayla Scutti

In this coming of age story, Keely Beck, a teen from Tennessee, loses her best friend in an unexpected accident and she finds herself alone in a room full of people. In trying to find herself again and regain parts of her memory, she comes across a group of friends that steer her down a negative path. Dealing with the pain of her friend's death, her parent's divorce, and guilt about events she can't recall, Keely turns to self-harm in more ways than one. Now she has a choice, keep on this path of destruction or deal with her past and move forward.

"We are writing these things so that our joy may be complete." - 1 John 1:4

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