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Ambert and Calista Knight live in a world where the arts, magic, dreams, and creativity are banned. They're the son and daughter of The Regime's Head of Regulation Enforcement, and they are no stranger to the rules that surround them. 

An asthmatic girl with a curious mind, Calista braces herself for a new year at Fortress Military Academy. Facing challenging academics and constant bullying, Calista's looking to make new friends, and discover more about the arts and magic that her country has banned. No stranger to trouble, Ambert walks on a thin line. After putting others before himself and gaining a criminal record, he's expected to follow The Commander's every order in his new job. 

When both siblings come into contact with Dreamers- those connected to the magic, and creative in their world-they have to decide between right and wrong. They question what family is and find meaning in helping others. Will they dare to speak up for their beliefs or go back to the bland, selfish world they've known all their lives? 

Breaking Order (Hardback)
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