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Imagine you wake up in a strange place. Your memories are in pieces and everything around you seems out of place. You don't know where you are or how you got there…Kendra Wick is a suburban wife from a town called Carson who awakens to find herself prisoner inside a strange hotel with seemingly no way out. She has no idea how she got there and her memories of the recent past are foggy. She struggles to piece together how she wound up here as she explores the strange surroundings. She encounters more people along the way and like her, they are all trapped with no way to escape. Flashbacks of her life rapidly flood her mind as she works together with the strangers she's encountered to try and find a way out. They frantically search for answers, but all they find are more questions. They race against time and unknown captors, desperate to set themselves free. As they get closer to the truth, Kendra questions if the life she's missing is worth going back to or if she'll just be prisoner, once again, to her tainted past.

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